Why Nest is Important for our Future?

Why Nest is Important for our Future?

  •          Overview
  •          Why birds are important for us or our coming generation?
  •          Why Birds are in Danger?
  •          Name of Some Extinct or Endangered Species
  •          How can we help them not go extinct?
  •          How you can support?


What is the Nest?

Free wooden nest

It is a place where birds live & lay their eggs. Birds are very small but this doesn’t mean they are not important to us. They are very important to us and our kid’s future. Now, think of their shelter (Nest) where a new generation of birds born and grow. We at The Home Dekor have taken an initiative to make wooden Nest and place in the world free of cost.

Our target is to make 10,000 wooden nests by 2021, and this target can’t be successful without your support. So, we invite you to come to join us in this initiative to help the birds to grow and survive.

All living creatures should have the same right as that of human beings on Earth.

But we human beings don’t follow all the rules made by our Nature for the smooth flow of life cycle.

Why Birds are Important for Us in Dairy Farming?

Benefits of Birds




Natural musician & morning alarm

    Birds are natural musician & alarm, whenever someone feels like sad, distressed, tensed, etc. just listen to bird’s voice and you will feel highly positive. Birds voice creates positive energy and thoughts. And positive thoughts are very important for us and our generations.

 Natural fertility helpers for vegetables or fruits species:  

   There are many trees and plants where we found male and female, and it is very much needed for them to cross-pollinate through their flowers to produce fruits. And in many cases, birds help them in pollination. And due to this bird help us in the production of delicious fruits indirectly.

 Few Example like :- Date, flowering plants, Pomegranates, etc.

 How can we help them?

   There are many ways to help them but before that let’s understand the main reason for their death. Most of the birds aren’t dying due to the scarcity of food or water, yes that is right, for them, food is available in abundance. It is because we see insects and worms in the fields.

If So, then next question is why they are dying.

 Reasons behind the death of most of the bird species-  

Save birds use THD free Nests
   Use of excessive pesticides and insecticides

  •      When birds eat insects and worms with pesticides or insecticides then these birds also get infected. And this results in lower fertility rates in them. This reduces their population, and you have to use more chemical because the food cycle is adversely affected this way.

  •          Deforestation, this leaves no place for birds to lay their eggs.

  •          Less Plantation of trees in farms
        If there are fewer trees in farms then the wind flow is fast & fast winds throw the nest and eggs

  •          *Radiation of Mobile towers*

    Yes, it affects the life of birds. Actually, radiation of mobile towers affects neural strength which helps them to migrate from one place to another. This results in mental illness and losing direction of home (Nest) birds die and eggs or young one also die without food.

    Sad, isn’t it?

  •          Global Warming

    All species are affected by global warming and birds too because they live in open space. So, the change in temperature or weather conditions affects them first. And it is very difficult to survive in open drastic change in temperature, whether it is too hot or too cold.

  •          Pollution

       The level of pollution is increasing worldwide and it is affecting every living creature on earth. For birds, it mainly affects their lungs because they are more open to space and directly inhales the toxic air.

  •          Storms 

    Speed of storm increases due to deforestation and lowering the number of trees in agriculture. So, during the storm nest of birds get damaged (Nest made by The Home dekor is very strong and works in all adverse conditions) this kills new baby birds and population of birds affects badly.

  •          Predators: Cats, snakes, etc.

    Animals like cats, snakes, crow eat the eggs of birds in open Nest whereas the survival & safety of bird’s eggs are musts. Predators can’t reach into these wooden nests easily and keep the bird safe.

  •         Closed House 

        Yes, Its true closed house is also a reason, In old house or open house, there are small ventilators on the walls near the roof where birds can lay their eggs.  But in today world we have closed houses with no entry for birds. No entry means no nest, no means no egg & no new generation of birds. But this problem can be solved by implementing a Nest on an outer wall or on a nearby tree. So that the Bird can lay eggs and can grow without entering our houses.

            Isn’t that a good idea?

But a simple idea often ignored, oops part of life


 “I Rahul Bishnoi & The Home Dekor team have taken this initiative to save birds. We supply wooden nest @zero cost. So, we invite you to take a step forward and come together with us and let these birds survive again. And nothing costs to become healthy mankind.”

You can get the Nest from our Website: www.thehomedekro.in/Nest  You just have to pay the courier charges. And the nest will be supplied voluntarily by The Home Dekor.

Thanks for your support, please forward this to as many as possible. We have taken our step, now it’s your turn. Think about your next generation, do you want them to feed on poison or Food?

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