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Sleep Aura Section | Bed online in Sheesham Wood. The best quality of Beds in Sheesham Wood and mango wood. You can buy beds with storage, without storage, and in the latest designs as well. The bed online is one of the furniture items which should be chosen with intensive care because 33% of our life spent on the bed itself. The bed with drawer storage is easy to use in daily routine i.e daily needed item can be put in front drawer whereas other items in manual storage



Buy your bed online with The Home Dekor


Sleep is a very important activity of the day. It relaxes the mind and body after a hectic day and also keeps your body in the right balance. A comfortable bed plays an important role in deciding the quality of sleep. It is very difficult to sleep on an uneasy or not ergonomically designed bed as it can lead to body pains and ailments. The bed is the hero furniture product when it comes to bedroom décor and defines the look and feel of the space. Hence, it is vital to choose the right aesthetics of the bed to define the entire theme of the space. Buy bed online to enjoy a hassle-free delivery, assembly and service and enjoy the aesthetics and functionality of your bed with storage.


Importance of bed


Human spends one-third of their life sleeping on bed. The bed and mattress are central to every aspect of one’s everyday routine and lifestyle. The mere thought of not having a place to rest your head at night is disturbing. A decent solid wood bed is very essential to not only improve your sleep cycle but also keep your mental and physical health in check.


Different types of bed at Home Dekor


Home Dekor offers a wide range of designs in bed in different material finishes and styles. You can easily choose from a single bed, double bed, queen size bed, king-size bed, and a bunk bed. There is another range of sofa cum bed and day beds as well. The functional range of bed includes with and without storage beds and foldable beds.You can also make a selection in folding double bed online and hydraulic beds.


Wooden beds are available in solid wood Sheesham bed online, teak, mahogany, mango wood in traditional, transitional, and modern styles. Metal framed beds are firm, sturdy, and include interesting patterns. Metal beds are the perfect go-to option for modern décor. Fabric upholstered beds add the tint of luxury and richness of the space. Cladded in fabric or leather the beds add a layer of sophistication in the entire space.


Types of bed


  1. Single bed: generally, measure 36 by 75 inches and is perfect to furnish the room for small kids and toddlers.
  2. The twin bed is larger than a single bed and comes in 39 by a 75-inch size.
  3. A double bed is perfect for two teenage kids r for single person use ad it is 54 by 74 inch wide and long
  4. The queen bed is generally used by the majority of people and measures 60 by 84 inches. 
  5. King size bed measures 76 by 80 inches and perfect for large room spaces and couple sharing.

How to choose your bed online


There is multiple designs, material, and finishes option available online when it comes to selecting a bed. You might get overwhelmed with a particular look, but it is important to consider its functionality and usage as well. 


Here are some easy tips to keep in mind while buying a bed online


  1. Know what your requirements are. Are you a single user or a couple? Is the bed for the kid or aged person. The end-user of the bed and his/her lifestyle will define the specification of the bed
  2. Check the size of the bedroom and select the size of the bed accordingly, ensuring there is enough walking space left in the room after placing the bed
  3. Also think about the material, finishes, and details of the bed, as it will define the look of the room
  4. Think thoroughly if you want a headboard, a canopy, with storage of without, textured panel or fabric upholstery on headboard, etc. 


Buy solid wood bed online with Home Dekor


Home Dekor offers a one-stop solution to all your solid wood furniture requirements. You can browse through different bed categories and opt for the right bed online for you. Furniture is the reflection of the user’s personality and taste in design. Home Dekor’s thoughtfully designed collection engages your interests and helps you invest well in something important both on the personal and social level. 


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