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“I Rahul Bishnoi & The Home Dekor team have taken this initiative to save birds. We supply wooden nest @zero cost. So, we invite you to take a step forward and come together with us and let these birds survive again.
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Save birds by placing Wooden nest at Home

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What is Nest?
It is a place where birds live & lay their eggs. Birds are very small but this doesn’t mean they are not important to us. They are very important to us and our kid’s future. Now, think of their shelter (Nest) where new generation of birds born and grow. We at The Home Dekor have taken an initiative to make wooden Nest and place in the world.

Our target is to make 10,000 wooden nests, and this target can’t be successful without your support. So, we invite you to come join us in this initiative to help the birds to grow and survive.

All living creatures should have the same right as that of human beings on the Earth.

But we human beings don’t follow all the rules made by our Nature for the smooth flow of life cycle.

Why Birds are Important for Us? Read full Article click here

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