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Serving Tray

A serving tray is perfect to start your day with a morning bed tea! It is an essential element to serve tea and snacks to visiting guests, family, and friends.  Serving trays are available in various designs, forms, sizes, and materials as per the needs and wants. Generally, one can buy a set of 2 or 3 nesting serving tables for multiple purposes.  The flat base a ledge to grip makes it a very efficient and effective design.

In early times, serving trays were found in big houses to carry meals from kitchen to dining area. They were usually rectangular and as long as the shoulder’s length to be able to carry it through the doorway without turning around. Trays were generally sued to carry jugs, water, bowls, and meals. Wooden Serving trays were always a mark of rank in society and were available in specific styles to associate them with certain royalty and nobility.

Serving trays are known for their sleek designs and convivence to carry multiple items in a single round. The serving trays are ergonomically deigned lightweight to maximize its functionality and durability. Serving trays are available in wood, metal, cane weave, and other sustainable materials with custom finish options. Trays are available in round, square, rectangular, triangular, and hexagonal shapes as well. There are multiple trays available like butler tray, tv table trays, dining trays, dresser trays, bathroom trays, etc. all serving trays are thoughtfully designed to be able to carry greater weight and easy to maintain and use.

Serving trays have a simple and minimal design with a sturdy structure. Some of the serving trays have folding legs to use it as bed tables as well. The serving trays can be used for storage, curating a set of accessories on the tabletop, bathroom side trays, and outdoor planters tray base as well. The wood carved and crafted serving trays add elegance to space. The trays also make a perfect gift for loved ones hampered with other lovely things.

You can buy serving tray online from the exclusive range at Home Dekor. The brand offers serving trays varying size to shape or the number of pieces in a set. Home Dekor offers the most comprehensive range of tableware items to serve your daily needs flawlessly. The brand believes in offering something extra to customers and make the shopping experience hassle-free and convenient. You can choose from multiple options online and place the order availing the right discounts and other services. Great hosts know the reputation of appropriate serving. Whether your guests are there for a big party or a casual drink, it’s vital to keep their plates and glasses full. This, of course, is only possible with great serving trays. Check out the cool collection of serving trays at Home Dekor and place your order now!


A serving tray is perfect to start your day with a morning bed tea or to serve to guests. Made in solid Sheesham wood with the supernatural finish, Our serving tray is known for its sleek design, which makes it easy to store by taking less space. Our serving tray is ergonomically designed lightweight to maximize functionality.

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