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Our range of Solid wood Dining Chair can be mixed and matched with our range of solid wood dining tables. Available in a range of styles and finishes - dark wood, light wood, and black finish. All our Dining Chairs online collection has been designed for maximum comfort and made from solid wood for maximum durability.

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Furniture plays a crucial role in defining the look and feel of a space. Every room has a role to play like a living, bedroom, kitchen, etc. The dining room is the place where one spends the most time. The dining chairs usually become computer chairs, workstations, seating for guests, study chair, etc. dining tables hold the center of any household. People reconnect with family members over meals and snack breaks, making dining tables and chairs an integral part of our lifestyle. It is very essential for the dining table and chairs to not just look good but also be comfortable enough for all. Dining chairs are available in multiple sizes, forms, designs, finishes, and materials. You can buy chair online matching the look and feel of your existing interiors to create a bespoke look for your dining room.


Importance of dining chairs


Dining table and chairs offer perfect ergonomics while dining and catching up with close family and friends around a table. Tables are available in 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater, 8-seater, and extendable options for more people to sit down together and break the ice, engage in meaningful conversations, and dine in together. The dining room is the only space where technology is non-existent and families come together. Dining area corners one-off from everything and lets to happy focusing on eating rather than multitasking with television, texting on phone, or working at the same time. Dining chairs add the tint of color, warmth, and style to the monotonous dining table. Grab your dining chairs as a set with a dining table or trust your instincts and go trendy buying a new set of dining chairs for your table to add the new touch to your dining space.


History and origin of dining chairs


Chairs draw their history back to Ancient Egypt and were widespread to the western world by Greeks and Romans. The use of chairs has been witnessed since the 12th century in China. The chairs were furniture pieces of ornate craftmanship generally associated with royalty and nobility. During the Renaissance, chairs were seen in common use with changing designs and finishing. 


The word “chair” is derived from the Latin word cathedra, designating church that was the seat of a bishop at a cathedral. Medieval chairs were large framed affairs with linenfold panels and canopy typically placed on the platform to emphasize the importance of the occupant. Eventually, the uses of the box like the construction of chairs with panels became less prominent, and x shaped chairs used in Roman times took over. Turned chairs also became popular. Rich carvings and polychromatic surface treatments on chairs were reserved for important people. 


Egyptian chairs were fashioned of ivory and ebony to define richness and splendor. Greco Roman chairs were designed with a square seat with a bar back and thick turned legs. 20th century saw a tremendous increase in the use of technology for construction and manufacturing of chairs in multiple forms, styles, and materials like metal folded chairs, metal legged chairs, slumber chairs, plastic mold chairs, ergonomic workspace chairs, recliner chairs, etc. 


Types of dining chair


  1. Dining chairs with arm: the armchairs are comfortable with proper hand rest while sitting for a longer time. These chairs add depth and character to the head and foot of the table, giving a very formal style to the overall space. 
  2. Dining chairs with seat cushions: dining chairs with seat and back cushions are very relaxing and allows a person to sit for a longer duration.
  3. Upholstered dining chairs: upholstered chairs are perfect to add the custom look and feel to space. You can change the upholstery time to time and match with the changing interior finishes.
  4. Wing back dining chairs: these are comfortable chairs with imposing height. The chairs are comfortable for easy and lavish dining.
  5. Traditional chairs: these chairs are detailed with rich texture and carved wood construction. Traditional chairs are timeless beauties with eternal popular flair.
  6. Shaker dining chairs: the chairs have minimal design and are equipped with ladder back with flat angles and usually a cushioned seating.
  7. Modern dining chairs: these are the perfect blend of form and function with minimal embellishments and multiple materials to offer a clean finished look to the entire dining space.


Material and finishes in dining chairs


Dining chairs are available in various styles, finishes, and materials. You can opt for a conventional dining chair to match your dining table or contrasting materials like plastic or steel. Wooden dining chairs are a bit heavy but elegant. If you are looking for lightweight chairs opt for metal base chairs. Leather upholstered dining chairs offers a very opulent and classy style to space. Ladderback rubberwood or solid wood chairs are good options for simplistic appearance and easy to manage spaces. Intricately wood carved dining chairs adds elegance to the dining table and bring in a royal touch to the entire interior space. Seats of the chairs can be fabric or leather upholstered, wooden seat, metal seat, and even wicker weaved. The frame of the chairs is generally in wood with a wide range of styles and shapes. A metal frame adds a retro feel to the chair, while plastic frames highlight detailing in multiple hues and finely shape design.


How to choose the right dining chair


You can give a new look to your dining room with a new set of chairs. 


Here are some easy steps to keep in mind before buying dining chairs online.


  1. Always measure your dining table to decide how wide you need your dining chairs to be in order to fit perfectly. Ensure there is enough legroom for all people in case the table is oval or round-shaped.
  2. Choose the style of dining chairs that blend well with the dining table to make it look like a combo package. Try to get the same material finishes to help marry them both in the same style.
  3. Keep in mind your needs and wants, who the end user be, how often will the chairs be used, what are the proposed chair will be sued for prior to buying the dining chairs online.
  4. Check for ease and comfort in terms of the armrest, cushioned/no cushioned seats, backrest, etc.
  5. The dining chair shouldn’t be too tall or low. The perfect medium height offers comfortable sitting for all.
  6. Ensure the backrest of the chair isn’t heavy than the seat, as it can topple with the slightest push.
  7. Buy study chair online of superior quality, durable, stylish, and sturdy.
  8. If you wish for a mix-match look of the chairs with the dining table, think strategically about finishes and try incorporating one contrasting and one complimenting element I chair to bind them in a story together.
  9. Material for your dining chairs should reflect your personality with easy to maintain and clean options.
  10. Think about the nice rug, tabletop placements, and lighting on top of the dining table to complete the look and feel of your dining table set.


Buy dining chair online with The Home Dekor


Everyone spends a lot of time on dining tables chairs during informal conversations, dining, and chit chats. Some people also use the space for work from home and study chairs, reading newspapers and magazines. Dining chairs are also used as additional seating arrangements when guests drop y or during house parties. It is very important for the dining chairs to be comfortable, stylish, and well-chosen to blend with the dining table to complete the set. With Home Dekor, it is easy and convenient to buy dining chairs online. Check out the website and scroll through hundreds of dining chair options in different materials, styles, sizes, and designs and choose the best one for you.



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