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    Make in India

    Make in India 

    The initiative was launched by our respected PMO Narendra Modi in 2014 in support of native industrialists and entrepreneurs. And Prime Minister devised it to transform the present condition of Indian manufacturing industries. And strong support for youngsters who are willing to start their business but due to lack of financial support, are not able to do anything.

    This initiative is a real growth factor in the field of start-ups and new business ideas to promote Indian manufacturers to take their brand to the global level.

    It was very important for Indian businesses and industries to understand


    • It is not just a slogan, it was an initiative taken by our PM against the backdrop of the economic crisis in India.

    • Actually, this initiative was more for the government rather than the citizens of India.
      It depicted a complete change in the Government’s mindset - a major shift from issuing authority to business partners.

    • It helped every manufacturer to adopt a new strategy that inspires, empowers, and enables in equal measure.

    • In a very short period of time, the obsolete and obstructive frameworks of the past have been dismantled and replaced with an authentic, user-friendly digital system.

    • Today, India’s credibility is stronger than ever before and the momentum of its industrial development is very high.

    Some benefits to the Manufacturing Industries

    The government of India is building a pentagon of industrial corridors all over the country to provide developed and quality infrastructure for the industrial township.

    1. Generating more job opportunities for Youth

    2. The benefit to the local area, once a new business starts, first and foremost the nearby people.

    3. Growth of GDP

    4. Increase in the Indian Brand’s value

    5. Strengthen the rupee

    6. Use of New technology available

    7. Ease of Business for new start-ups

    8. Involvement of more young minds

    9. The rural area under development schemes

    10. Better capital flow

    In fact, there are some disadvantages also, but overall this scheme was launched by our govt. in 2014 was a huge stepping stone in the progress of the Indian economy.

    And since the beginning of capitalization, the Indian rupees are being spent on foreign countries. Now, with the introduction of Make in India, the capital will not only remain in India but also the foreign currency will be provided to the nation as well.

    How it is important for India

    “This step of prioritizing national manufacturing was once taken by Japan and today it is a rich and developed nation.”

    So, making in India is very important for India in several ways, firstly Indians have started thinking of creating valuable products. And since the government has started such a scheme, every youth in the country is paying more attention to starting something here rather than leaving the country for better jobs.

    You can’t make a nation better unless its industrial development is not taken care of. And this is a big reason why make in India is important for India.

    Secondly, this step makes our country self-reliant rather than depending upon other countries for basic requirements.

    More manufacturing units are introduced in the nation less import of goods will be there. And this can grow our economy at a tremendous pace and we are proud to be a part of it.


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