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Console Table

Console Table is a must to have living room furniture items, it not only fulfills the vacant space but its storage in drawers adds a feature and shelves too ⭐  A mirror above it can complete the look of console table in the living room

Console tables are an extremely versatile furniture piece that demands the attention of all and sundry. The console table was first introduced in the 17th century as a rectangular slab supported by wall mount brackets. It is typically three feet high with top surface in low depth.  The console tables have an unconstructive presence and suits best in entrance passages and to hide the boring sofa back. Console tables can be well-curated with decorative accessories and lights.

Consoles can be fitted well into multiple spaces in the house. Especially in the entryway, consoles are catchalls. They add the tint of richness and elegance to the entire place. If you wish to place the console behind the sofa set, ensure it is no taller than the height of the sofa. It adds texture and saves your passage from unsightly clutter. Pick a space in the house with an electrical point and set up the console table with nice ambient light. Console tables can also be used as base for wall mount tv unit. It offers space to keep the media unit and decorate the television wall just the way you like it! Console tables can also be placed in the entryway for bedroom or as an accent piece with a mirror for dressing up vanity.

Console tables are available in multiple sizes, materials, and bold designs with interesting details to add the layer of elegance to your home interiors. Console tables can be designed with or without storage depending on the space it is meant for. Ten to one, console tables are functional and goes great with a layer of books, decorative boxes, found objects to create an artful composition. Combining the console table with a big piece of mirror is another way to relook at a dull boring wall.

Decorating console tables is tricky but interesting. First of all, create an anchor point on the wall. It can be for a mirror or piece of art. Now, align the console table to the center of it. The anchor point gives you the base highlight for your console table. The next step is to pick out accessories that give height to the console, like flower vases. Once you are done styling the top of the table, check the base and add baskets or some pouf to complete the set. Ensure everything is well layered and in the right balance.

Buying a console table online is an extremely easy and comfortable process. All you have to do is click pick few options which are in line with the existing furniture of your house, check the dimensions of the table in the context of the space in the house, read a couple of reviews about delivery and after service concerns, check the material finishes and place your order. You can also pick a couple of accessories to adorn with the console table to make it a perfect set.

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