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    Why Rajasthani Furniture

    Rajasthan can also be pronounced as ‘Raja ka Sthan’ ( place of kings ), Rajasthan is also famous for its vibrant colors and strong history in assorted woodworking and assorted textiles. This place is known for its production of handmade wooden furniture and assorted home textiles.

    Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Ramgarh Shekhawati ( Churu) are famous for their production of Sheesham wood, Mango and Acacia wood furniture, metal, industrial and upholstery furniture. And Barmer is known for its assorted textile production.

    Place and their unique furniture style

    • Ramgarh Shekhawati & Shekhawati Region is very famous for its Wooden art and craft, It had a long history,
      We can see woodcraft on doors and windows in Havelis of Churu & Ramgarh Shekhawati,
      So in today time, we are giving a new life to old designs and techniques. Implementing our best efforts in living this craft of the Shekhawati Region. 


    Wooden art has some famous designs:- Vintage Collection

    Bakara Design:-

    This is the most famous design of the Shekhawati region and Ramgarh  Shekhawati is very popular for this design,

    Artisan design a lot of products in this design like a bed, dining table, dining chair, sideboard, coffee tables, sofa sets, Almira, dressing table, stool, tv cabinet, etc.  This design is very unique and only manufactured in the Shekhawati region,

    The process needs skilled artisan for wood and metal, It Starts with wooden planks being joints together, and cut to the required size, Then the carving process beings and carving is done by hand, And after carving assembly is done, Then the brass metal sheet is embossed in a star shape and then with a brass nail it got fixed on the table, and after this finishing process start and then the product is ready to make a great ambiance in

    the dining room of Art and craft-loving people.
    At the top clear glass is used to make the table complete. 


    Jaroka Design:



    Jharoka Mirror Frame

    Price:- Rs.12800 Rs.9900
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    Jharoka Mirror frame

    Price:- Rs.27000 Rs.19000
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    Another beautiful design of the Ramgarh Shekhawati region, This design is inspired by Ancient crafts, we can see this type of door, window, Varanda, etc. in forts of Rajasthan and old haveli and heritage building. Almost all home furniture is made in this design i.e bed, mirror frame, sofa set, chairs, sideburns, Almira, etc. To make this design we have to first finish the planks and then cut to size and Then carving by hands and then assembly and finishing process takes place. Item is ready to decorate art and craft lovers' homes. 

    Mahrab Carving Design:-


    This is inspired by Bakara And Jaroka Design, It’s a mix of Heritage with modern Design, Almost all items are made in this design like sofa sets, sideboards, bedside tables, coffee table, dining table, chairs, etc., hand carving with unique pattern is done to make this beautiful collection,   

     Brass Embossed design

    Another beautiful collection with a mix of the new and old patterns, Brass is embossed in different designs, and then used on furniture to make it look very different, This is the latest collection developed by The Home Dekor, A furniture manufacturer unit from Ramgarh Shekhawati. Highly skilled artisans are required to make this design, The process of manufacturing and collection have all the item made as mentioned in top items.

    • Jodhpur is famous for Industrial furniture, antique designed gates, recycled furniture,

    • plain modern furniture made of solid wood.

    Cart furniture for ox-cart, horse cart is also manufactured here. Some more furniture like leather furniture,
    metal embossed furniture, stone furniture, etc are also part of the Rajasthani style furniture.

    • Jaipur is famous for its quality of production and the main production lines are modern,
      contemporary, and industrial furniture. Jaipur is also famous for its textile designs like block

    • Printing, hand embroidery,
      latest design cushions, and carpets.

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