Wooden Sideboard

Sideboards are a piece of furniture which are designed to hold side dishes, decanters, and other accessories, usually contained with cupboards and drawers. Sideboards not only help you to keep essential items in place but also marks the first impression on the visitor. Curate your sideboard top with stylish ornaments and store the daily essentials like keys, everyday footwear, scarves to make it you must have a counter in everyday routine. Sideboards are durable, easy fit into space, and reflects the wise choice of furniture in the house. You can enjoy the custom storage options on the sideboard and match the look and feel with the rest of the furniture pieces in the house.


Sideboards were always noted as status furniture being used by high class and powerful people. In the early 19th century, sideboards became an essential part of mass-produced dining room suites. They were bulky in design with a royal look and feel. The lower section of the sideboards was divided into cupboards extending to floors. In earlier times wooden sideboards had metal rails at the pack with panels in ornate designs and intricate carvings. Even in the 20th century, sideboards retained its functionality with stylistic and simpler designs. Eventually, sideboards developed in form and shape into simple designs with added shelves and cupboard space.


Sideboards are excellently used as dining buffet counters, entry console, bedroom dressers, etc. you can curate the sideboards with interesting accessories, serving trays, aroma diffusers, mirrors, and artworks.  The surface of sideboards is perfect to serve hot feet and helps to manage more space during meal times. For a dinner party, place your desserts and other finishers here while keeping your mains on the dining table until you’re ready to serve. Sideboards have short legs and include drawers and cabinets for extra storage space and can be used interestingly in living rooms as well.  In the cupboard space below, one can choose to keep and store all the extravagant porcelain and ceramic-ware that only come out to amaze the guests on distinct events. Along with high-quality Linen, large hotpots, and more, the cupboards can also be sued to store bigger cookware and other appliances.


Choosing the right sideboard is essential. All you have to keep in mind is the right place and the right size you require. Check the requirement of the sideboard, and position of it in the house and choose the material, size, and finishes accordingly. The sideboard looks and feels, form, and design should marry the rest of the existing furniture in the room.

Sideboards are available in different materials and finishes. One can order the sideboard online as per the need and want of the room. Buying sideboard online gives you ample options to choose from and make a combination of elegant tabletop accessories to go with it. One can avail discounts and other services in online furniture shopping.  Be it the living room or bedroom or dining room, sideboards are ideal for putting essentials in place and offers safekeeping and convenient storage.


We offer an extensive range of Wooden Sideboard sideboards that come with soft closing cabinet doors, easy pull-outs, and accessible corners. Make your home usable and functional with our ranges of the wooden sideboard, available in traditional designs, sizes, and color choices.

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