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    Which type of Furniture must be in House

    Furniture plays a very vital role in the house, its like blood in our body. Furniture is a small word but its branches are very deep, below I try to explain a bit.

    First of all its divided into room categories and then subdivided. Attached screenshot shows main categories on the left side,

    From Main categories we go to explain category wise:

    1. Living Room Furniture:-
      Its consist of furniture used in living room i.e sofa sets, coffee table, side table, Tv cabinet, Showcase, Wall rack, Photo Frame. From Below screenshot form one of the Online furniture seller THE HOME DEKOR, where the living room category is further divided into subcategories for better understanding one can visit

    2) Bedroom furniture:- It consists of furniture used in bedroom i.e Bed ( Most important furniture item in our life because we spend 33% of our life on a bed only), Bedside Table, Tv Cabinet, Dressing Table, Storage box, Almira, etc. And these subcategories are further subdivided into more categories i.e Bed:- King bed, Queen bed, Four poster beds, Bunk beds, Kids Beds, Single Beds, etc. Attached screenshot for Bedroom subcategory.

    3) Dining Room Furniture:- Its the place where the majority of family members meet and have food together, it is also a very important part of the furniture. It is subdivided into categories like- Dining Chair, Dining table, crockery cabinet, console, etc. Below is the screenshot from one of the online seller website which shows the dining category:

    Above 3 are the must-have furniture categories whereas a lot of other items are also coming under furniture like Bar Furniture, Decor Items, Consoles, Shoe racks, Multy purpose racks, balconyfurniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, cabinets, desk, etc.

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    1/8/2020 1:19 PM
    Lovely suite comfortable good quality, delivery men were superb, very helpful and professional, nothing was to much trouble would recommend
    4/26/2020 4:58 PM
    Every part of the house requires a different kind of furniture and yet it is so important that all the furniture resonate together to create a unique personality of your home. This article provides just the right information about the kind of furniture that every part of your house needs. Very perceptive blog and full of information.
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