Types of Beds

What is Bed? 

Have you ever asked this question to anyone? I hope no, so just ask today. Bed+ is not just a piece of furniture. And it plays a very important role in our lives. So, the question here is How?
Do you know we spend 30 to 33% of our lives sleeping on the bed? Did you know that before? Maybe not, but even then the bed and it's quality matters a lot for your sleep. And if you sleep well, your body stays healthier and you can work better. 

If you don’t, then read this article and get the best bed.  You will never sleep on the same old, unattractive bed again.

A bed is the most important furniture item in our houses, we plan about kids, family and relax on the bed we have. 

Necessary things to keep in mind before purchasing a bed. 

  1. Material - Solid Sheesham Wood

  • Sheesham Wood Beds are popular in India- A lot of materials are used to make beds. 1.) Solid wood ( Sheesham wood, mango wood, teak wood, acacia wood ) are the best material to make beds). And solid wood beds are available online/ offline both, but it's better to buy solid Sheesham wood bed direct from manufacturers. Why?
    When you buy directly from the factory gives you the best quality @ a reasonable price, margin for resellers. Did you know if you buy cheap quality bed then the wood used is very thin and it creates unnecessary noise while you sleep? We at ‘The Home Dekor’ provide bed without noise, handmade and under fair trade.

    You will be happy to know that India is one of the largest exporters of wooden bed in all developed countries.

    And Sheesham wood beds have become popular in India itself. 

  • Plyboard Beds: It's a manmade material and these beds were very popular in India before 2000. It is because very few people knew about wooden beds and their importance. Actually these beds create noise and are not strong.

  • Particle Beds: These are mainly imported from China and their finishing looks perfect on these beds. It is because they are machine-made, but if we talk about their strength, oops. These types of beds are of worse quality and your sleep becomes a nightmare. So, you should never buy such particle board beds. 

  • Iron Beds: These type of beds are strong enough, but don’t give you natural look as compared to wooden beds. Iron beds are basically used for Industrial purpose, hospital, camps, hostel, and others. 

And the major drawback, it has limitations when it comes to designing. 

  1. Types of Bed

    Beds are of different types, here we are describing every possible kind- from smaller size to king-size bed, from good to great. Read more and know which type of bed is the best fit for your place. 

  • Crib: It is used for newborn babies for 2 to 3 years. 
    Wooden Crib Bed in Solid wood

  • Kids Bed: It is used for kids from  3 to 10 years. It normally comes with a mattress size of  130x70 cms, mainly with color white, pink, blue, etc. and with some beautiful stickers. 
    The best single wooden bed

  • Single Bed: These type of beds are mainly used in hotels or for young kids from 10 to 24 years of age. As per the name suggests, it is made for one person only and mattress size from 200x90 cms. 

  • Bunk Beds:  Bed with one can sleep at the bottom and one can sleep on top, with the help of ladder one can go to the top level. It is one of the main attractions for kids. Bunk beds are also used in hostels, camps, army, etc. 
    The best quality Bunk Bed

  • Sofa Cum Bed: As per the name, sofa cum bed- it is a sofa in the day and becomes bed in the night, magical right?
    Actually this type of sofa is designed to fold and expand so you can use it for both purposes. 
    The Best Quality Sofa cum bed

  • Queen Bed: Queen size bed comes with smaller mattress size i.e. 200x 150 cms are the industry standard for mattress size. It is made for small rooms, guest rooms, small budget hotels, etc. 

  • Kingsize Bed: This bed is one of the most popular beds in India, it is because the majority of kids sleep with their parents until the age of 8 years in India. Industry-standard mattress size for this bed is 200x 180 cms.
    The best King size bed
    Note- The Home Dekor manufactures 90% of beds in this size, but don’t worry you get different designs and variants too.

    a) King size bed without storage with normal height for mattress
    b) King size bed in low height
    c) King size bed with storage in Sheesham wood
    d) King size bed with ½ space with manual storage and ½ with drawer in the footboard.
    e) King size bed with Hydraulic lift.
    f) Four Poster Bed is with canopy and curtains. 

  • Other Beds- Hospital beds, Camping beds

  • Day Beds: The Home Dekor Sofa with loose cushions are the best example of the daybed. Just put the cushions on the side and relax. It is also known as a Sofa Bed. 

  • Dewan: It is a very commonly used item in Indian living rooms. It has a mattress size of 120x180 or 90x180 cms. It is available both with storage and without storage. 

  1. Strength of Bed

    It is very important and wooden beds are the best Bed for household purpose and daily use. So, please check with the trader or retailer or manufacturer what is the strength of the bed. 

  1. Accessibility

    All the bed made by the Home dekor are knockdown so that it can be taken to any place easily.
    From above all points I hope it's clear, still if you have any questions then please let us know. We will be happy to answer. 

We always seek new opportunities to serve you with our Online furniture designs so you can make your living better and comfortable.
We supply our beds online to all major cities in India and also provide third party assembly service at a very nominal cost. 

  1. Price: The Home Dekor keeps in mind price point as one of the important aspects so we develop beds for all and our range start from as low as Rs 8000 ( inclusive of all delivery & taxes). 

  2. Conclusion - If sleep is of great importance in our life, it is also important to have a good quality bed. And hope you have understood the types of beds and their different uses. In addition to the above information, we want to add value to your house or restaurant with some good quality of Furniture. So, feel free to share your furniture requirements with our The Home Dekro team @ +91 8640040029. And we would be more than happy to serve you our best wooden beds for your place. 

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We spend so much time on our beds! It is so important that we strive to find a bed that best suits our requirement. There are so many types of beds in almost every furniture store. Thank you for clarifying the difference between these beds. Very knowledgeable article and must read for anyone who is about to start bedroom shopping.
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