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    Online Furniture v/s offline furniture

    I am confused, where to buy furniture for my new house? [Online Furniture v/s Offline furniture]

    Indian furniture market is mainly unorganized but now the time has changed. Now, people can buy home or restaurant furniture online / offline. Actually, I am always confused about which option is better, and why? 

    Do you have the same question in mind? 

    And hope everyone can relate to me, it is because if we buy furniture online, we fear about the quality, improper size, poor reviews, delivery issues, and many more problems. 

    Benefits of Online Furniture- 

    Apart from all the above issues, we constantly use the online option, why?
    It is because the online method is easy, and flexible with our time. 

    Cool! No?  Yes, for sure. We like things that are according to our priorities and facilitate our needs as well. 


    Friends, both online furniture & offline furniture have their own pros & cons,  we are mentioning some important facts so you can make a better decision before purchasing furniture online or offline. Everyone is busy in a smartphone and it is tough to get time for going into physical stores. So, online is better but offline furniture has its own benefits, you get to know the item beforehand and can check the quality yourself. Relax, friends we will help you in this part and let you choose the right option for you. 


    Pros and Cons of Online Furniture v/s Offline Furniture

    Pros and cons of Furniture Online

    Everything has its pros and cons, the same goes for Online furniture v/s Offline furniture. In this article, we have mentioned all the advantages and disadvantages of Online or Offline Furniture.  



    Advantage of Online versus offline furniture

    1. Online Furniture- People can search for products with the convenience of their time. An online option is available 24/7 and 365 days, availability of best prices & offers, everything is one click away, a large number of options, etc. 

    2. In the Online Furniture option, there are low setup fees. In most cases, surety of legal business. And if you are buying Furniture online from an already known brand then you should be sure about the quality also. 

    3. FREE shipping, these days shipping on online marketplaces is free. So, why should we not take benefit of it? Happy! Yes, many people are happy just because they get free delivery of their orders. And that happens even at the lower price of the item.
      “Your item has been delivered today, feel good.”
      And if you are happy there is an option to rate your happiness on the website. But if the Furniture is not delivered as per your expectation, you can leave feedback or reviews. 

    4. If you are going to purchase furniture online, always take time and read REVIEWS of the previous customers. 

    5. Online Furniture is always easy to use and time plus money-saving. Oh! I don’t have time, we hear such things a lot, and that is the reason for online successful businesses. 

    6.  Offline Furniture- This part also has its benefits and read why?
      If you go to a physical store to buy furniture offline, you get time to check the real item itself. And the best part, you can bargain also. It can save you some bucks. 

    7. Offline furniture buying may be like taking out time from your busy lifestyle, but at the end of the day, you feel okay. It is because you know the person or the store, you can go back to tell them if you are facing any issues with the furniture. 

    8. Online Furniture business creates jobs for IT professionals, delivery boys, faster support services, call centers, and others. 



    1. The offline furniture store has its uniqueness as we can actually meet our needs at the same time. But offline furniture store is open in the day time only. And you have to visit the store physically, Oops. People don’t have time you know. 

    2. It is time taking and hectic to visit the physical store. 
    3. It is okay that you can touch the real item or you can feel it live. But the owner has to spend a lot on real setup. So, high setup cost for store owners. 

    4. And sorry to inform but 80% of the offline stores are engaged in illegal business. 

    5. Shipping or transportation costs are added to the cost of the item. 

    6. In the offline option, you can’t check the reviews of previous customers. So, once you have bought the furniture, it is all up to you. 

    7. Offline furniture business doesn’t create business for youth or if creates then that is limited.  

    8. Furniture stores are generally rented and that cost is added into the furniture cost. So, the customer ultimately has to pay the rent. Expensive, no?


    Online Furniture Marketplace for Wholesale and Retail


    Okay! Hope you have understood the pros and cons of Online Furniture v/s Offline furniture, now let’s go into the details of Furniture marketplaces. Market places for online furniture are like AMAZON, Pepperfry, FLIPKART, etc are not the real manufacturers. They buy from furniture manufacturers at a low price and showcase the furniture on their website at a High Cost. And when you, I mean the customer buys that product which is mentioned at a high price, has to pay the mediocre amount as well.
    Benefits- of course, there are benefits to buying furniture from these marketplaces. It is as if you want to get home furniture fast and you don't have to worry about the actual cost. It is okay in that case. 


    But my concern is for those people who take care of their monthly expenses. And money matters the most.  I am considering most of the people who want to buy furniture directly from the manufacturers. 


    Benefits you get when you buy furniture online from the manufacturers. 

    This will interest you the most, why? Let’s read and enjoy. 

    If you want every home piece of furniture at the best price then you would be happy to get it from the factory. I mean manufacturers. And now, you would like to know where are the manufacturers actually exist. Friends, sit down and relax, follow these steps to contact the factory people directly. 

    • Search the web for Furniture manufacturers, if you have a website or an online store. It is better to check reviews from their previous customers. 

    • Making a purchase from AMAZON, Pepperfry, Urban ladder, etc then there is an option of a vendor. If possible always try to contact that vendor. If not given, search the name of the vendor on google. It works most of the time. 


    Qualities of the Best Online Furniture store

    They have happy customers, most of the product reviews can tell everything about their quality, well-established stores or websites, they have a physical location too and proper contact details to reach them. 

    Qualities of the Best Offline Furniture Store 

    They have well-organized physical stores with well-educated staff, 24/7 support services, transportation facilities, contact details of their showroom, and the area where they actually serve.  With Google reviews.

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    The Best Quality Home Furniture Online


    4/26/2020 4:55 PM
    What a beautifully written article. I am sure many of us often have doubts about whether to buy our furniture online or offline and this article just cleared so many doubts. I am personally learning to buy online furniture and my experience so far has been very positive thanks to Home Dekor articles as well as great quality products.
    11/19/2021 11:01 AM
    Thanks, thehomedekor for giving valuable information between Online furniture vs Offline Furniture and it helps many people for getting cleared on different scenarios.
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