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    Solid Wood Furniture Reveals Your Home's Personality

    “ Ambiance of your home reveals your Personality”


    As we say their dressing sense reveals their personality when we go outside and meet people likewise when people come to your house, it reveals your personality. Your choice of furniture speaks to the kind of person you are. The way you have maintained and decorated your house will talk about your personality like the body language of a person when they are speaking to someone.

    If you go to the house of a person who is an artist, you will find more artistic beauty in that house, if you go to the house of a person who is a nature lover, you will find more nature painting or plants and trees decoration in that house likewise the kind of furniture you choose for your house reveals your personality.

    Hence, the elegance and Eliteness of your personality are reflected in your choice of furniture and decor.

    Do you remember the day when your friend hosted a party or gathering at his/her home or you were part of that part? You have gone there for the first time.

    Recall..!!! On what thing your sight was first, the moment you entered that house.

    You might have looked up Chandelier, lights, and then the sofa and center table on which you were sitting.

    Even when drinks were served, your eyes were on the design of the cup and tray.

    It didn’t end up there, later when you went to the dining hall, you had the feel of furniture in that dining hall.

    All the time when you were present at that party, your eyes were here and there to see the creativity of the house. You tried not to miss a single thing to notice in that house.

    You might have felt wow or not so good, depending on the decorum of the house.

    There may have been a unique wooden design or something which you have liked the most and have asked your friend that from where you brought it or you might have felt on few things that something is missing here and you had an idea to fulfill that space with your creativity.

    Don’t you want to have an ambiance which gives an enriching experience to your friends and relatives when they visit your home?

    I am sure, you want to give it and who doesn’t want that.

    If you are confused if you should buy Solid wood furniture or home decoration items we should select for our home.


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    Here are four reasons for having solid wood furniture at your home :

    1. It Heals you

    You may be wondering how wood furniture can heal someone?

    Recall the day, when you went to a hill station or stayed in a cottage or villa which was completely made up of wood. Didn’t you just take a deep breath and relax and it gave you peace of mind?

    It did!

    Therefore, the time it gave you peace of mind, your body and brain got some positive vibes which have helped you in healing your mind and soul.

    Go back to the day whenever you went into a restaurant where the ambiance was lucrative and it caught your attention due to the ingenuity of solid wood and you felt like sitting there for a long time. You even didn’t want to get up from there!

    Have you ever thought, why do you have that peace of mind and attraction by being there and seeing the ambiance respectively?

    Since you were a nature lover and you were easily able to connect with the natural beauty around you.

    Just imagine if you have the same ambiance and the same peace of mind by having natural wood furniture in your home.

    Close your eyes and feel it!

    1. Solid wood is your lifelong friend

    Often, when we clean glass we have to put a lot of effort likewise is with metal or any other material used but wood furniture is easy to clean, maintain, and less time-consuming. They have a long life and it is a one-time money investment. You will buy the furniture and your grandchildren can use it due to its Durability.

    Wooden furniture is easily movable and is always cooperate with you like a good friend.

    Glass can be broken and metal can be crushed easily but solid wood can be polished and can be given a new look anytime whenever you want.

    They are hard to break like a trustworthy friend who never breaks friendship on small issues. Most manufacturers of solid wood, like The Home Dekor know that their product quality is made to create memories for generation to generation to pass on the legacy from parents to their grandchildren. It's just not that they are building furniture, they convert your emotions into reality by understanding your needs. They understand the value of furniture in your home and have strong empathy for decorating your home.

    1. Solid wood is Eco-friendly

    Choosing solid wood furniture would be a gesture of gratitude to nature for saving it from pollution and environmental protection. Bamboo tree, Rattan and Wicker, Lumber, mango wood, Sheesham wood, acacia wood, and much more variety of woods have been gifted by nature to us to decorate our house with elegance without harming nature. Recycling and reusing property of these Solid woods have made them eco-friendly and enriching in themselves. They are  Resilient to weather conditions.

    And the best part is they are easily affordable with “The Home Dekor” with quality assurance. 

    1. Kids can’t break it.

    Many of the time we are worried and have concerns about kids while designing our furniture that it should be solid and nonbreakable so kids can’t damage it even if they are playing between them and with them. Choosing Solid wood for that reason to design your furniture is the best reason without giving it a second thought. Any other material can be easily damaged but solid wood can’t.

    Remember? When your kid, your niece, and your grand children’s when pulling that chair, trying to climb on it and jumping on it and you were concerned that if the child will fall down or the chair will break down due to its week manufacturing material used in it.

    Now you don’t have to worry about it. Your kid, niece, and grandchildren can make their motorbike or train with that chair and play all around and you have not been too worried even if they climb it when you choose solid wood to build your furniture with manufacturers like The Home Dekor”.

    We believe in building the best for you and your kids. Do you know our ancestors used to build most of the time their houses with Solid wood? In those days, the houses that used to be on the river bank were also made of wood. Even in floods and storms, those houses were safe because they were made up of natural pure solid wood.

    Then why can’t we foot into the step of our ancestors and give our home a look of our culture to be real which speaks our personality and originality?


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    4/26/2020 4:44 PM
    Absolutely! Every home has its unique personality and it is the furniture within that home that works towards defining this personality. Very few people pay attention to the furniture they buy. But it is important to note that not only does furniture adds visually appeal but also directly impacts your lifestyle and health.
    4/29/2020 7:33 PM
    Very informative and detailed article
    5/11/2020 8:36 PM
    Nice words,
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