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    How to spice up your home decor with the best wing chairs

    How to spice up your home decor with the best wing chairs

    A little tweak or addition in furniture can bring in worthy and impressive changes in the stylizing of your home. One simple way of spicing up a living space is by decorating with the right furniture. The wonderful winged chairs are a unique addition to all homes. They are very versatile in appearance. Adding warmth and charm to your decor, they will set your home apart from all the rest. Wing chairs are an old classic that never goes out of style.

    What is a wing chair?

    This chair typically has a prolonged back, a wing-like extension. It is accompanied by a wooden foot and an expansive, upholstered seating area. They are stylish and super elegant designs, which are perfect accents for all types of fashionable design elements.

    Tips to design with an accent wing chair

    Though a classical choice, the wing chair in contemporary times has become a chic option due to the way it has been used in modern homes. Here are some clever hacks to make the most out of your wing chairs.

    • Placement - Choosing an ideal spot for your furniture can be an overwhelming issue. As homeowners want to make the most out of their special furniture pieces, they get confused while selecting a spot for their special wing chairs. You can either make it the central piece of attraction and place it somewhere easily noticeable or you can blend it in with the rest of the decor. If you want it to be the attraction piece or the feature piece, use an elaborately designed single piece of a wing chair. For blending in, two or multiple chairs placed and around the dining table can be a great idea.
    • A touch of tradition - There is something royal and somber about the wing chairs. As they are traditional pieces that can be dated to nobility in 1600 England, you can use them as a reminder of a beautiful era. Use a single, grand chair, placed next to a window with plush drapery. Your entire decor will be taken into an epoch belonging to the past.
    • Contrast - In response to modern homes, you can easily find wing chairs made of different and unique upholstery. Choose a chair with a fabric entirely different from the surrounding decor. Instantly the chair will become a feature article and get all the attention it deserves. While you are entertaining at home, you will notice how your guests would swarm in and around the chair for an Instagram-worthy snap. And there would be no end to your delight!
    • Compliment - Wing chair in itself is a great addition to any decor. However, if you are unsure and want to accessorize then there is no end to the possibilities. You can add a rug or a coffee table to accentuate the chair further. Adding bookshelves and plants around the chair can give you a surreal and cozy feeling of a comfortable and invite home.

    Top 5 picks in winged chairs

    To guide you in your journey of finding the best wing chair, we have handpicked 5 options for you to choose from.

    1. Royal Rest

      The best choice is if you do not want to compromise with either comfort or aesthetics. Drenched in Silk patch fabric, it is highly durable. This colorful addition has a regal presence that no other piece of furniture can add. Accompany it with a footstool and place it near a window or a balcony. The royal throne would be ready to serve the highness at home. It is also ideal for traditional Indian home decor.

      Silk patch wing chair

    2. The solo seat
      What sets this one apart is its appearance. If you have a hard-to-define place or a corner that needs filling, then look no further. The height of this particular chair makes a statement. The mix of monochromatic and colorful fabric gives the chair a stately presence and a cutting-edge look. The cabriole legs give it a classical and antique appearance. The black rexine fabric in the middle, flanked with colorful fabric is a great combination design. You can accessorize with a beautiful floor lamp and a comfortable in traditional patterns. Throw in a lumbar cushion and your chic chair is ready.

      Wing chairs

    3. Light as a lemon - 
        Your home should reflect your personal style. If you prefer to keep it breezy then this is the choice for you. The dual presence of these beautiful wing chairs can brighten up any space. The elegant pattern brings in sophistication that is truly a class apart. The pleasing yellow accompanied by unique pairs of foot designs makes this choice an uber-cool addition to your living space. Though it would be perfect as a solo choice its true grace can come out when kept in pair, apart from a decorative stool in between  

      Embroidary wing chiar

    4. Cozy corner   

          If after a day of hard work, all you want to do is relax in your corner, then we have got the perfect seating arrangement for you. The bold pattern and the warm color make it an ideal place to wind down. Settle in with your favorite book and a hot cup of coffee. The Pejali design is not only inviting but has a unique charm to it. Like an assurance, the soft fabric will calm you down as you enjoy the blessings in life.                                    

      Pejali Wing chair

    5. Dining duo   

      Are you bored with regular dining chairs? Give these winged options a chance to blow you over. The low armrest makes it great for dining tables. You can dress the table accordingly in white table linen and place a bluish runner. It would make for a royal ensemble dinner in the comfort of your home.                                                      

      Katha Wing chair

    It is a timeless choice that is not only stylish but also practical. It is not just a great addition to libraries and living rooms, they can be great as dining chairs or bedroom furniture. They can be great options for creating a reading nook as well.

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