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    The Ultimate Revelation Of You Need To Know About Sheesham Wood Beds

    Wooden furniture is often referred to as eye-catching and timeless. In interior design, wood is often used as the main raw material. Wood is a material that can bring nature inside a modern home. Sheesham wood (also known as Indian Rosewood) is one of the most used woods for furniture making, particularly beds in the Indian subcontinent. Sheesham wood is not widely known by homeowners. It is crucial to understand the benefits and features of Sheesham Wood before making a purchase decision.

    What is Sheesham wood?

    Sheesham is found in the sub-Himalayan Belt, which stretches from Assam to the west to River Indus in its east. It is most commonly found along riverbanks, reaching heights of up to 1300m. It can tolerate an average annual rainfall maximum of 2000mm and droughts of no more than three to four months.

    Sheesham wood can be pliable and flexible to many finishes. It is therefore the best wood for furniture making. It gives everything made of it a smooth finish and sheen. Sheesham wood is a popular choice for almost all types of wood because of its unique features. Sheesham wood beds add elegance and style to any bedroom. You are ready to upgrade your home by purchasing Sheesham furniture.

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    Sheesham's main feature is its classification as hardwood. This is wood that is usually found in tropical forests and comes from dicot trees. Hardwood trees grow slower than softwood trees, and they are larger. Because of the lignin in their xylem vessels, hardwood trees are more durable and tougher than softwood. Hardwood trees resist fire and won't fall apart easily.

    Sheesham Wood is an Ideal Wood for Beds

    Rosewood and Sheesham are synonymous with high-end, luxurious furniture. It is a beautiful red color and has an exceptional texture which adds dimension to the space. Sheesham has been traditionally used to make sophisticated furniture. If you want beds that are durable and can withstand a lot of wear, Sheesham may be the best choice. Sheesham is subject to strict trade regulations. Make sure the wood you buy is authentic and was grown ethically and sustainably. Duroflex ensures that all raw materials are ethically sourced and have minimal impact on the environment.

    If you're looking to buy a wooden bed online, a Sheesham wood bed is a great choice. Modern-day apartment dwellers often buy storage beds due to space constraints. A storage bed can be used to store extra bedding and keeps them clean and tidy. You will enjoy a more beautiful room and a better mental state.

    Sheesham wood beds last a lifetime and are extremely durable. These beds are affordable and come in a variety of styles and colors. It is a great choice for multiple people because of its wide range of colors. You can easily carve sheesham wood, which gives you the opportunity to create a unique headboard. The bed is an important piece of furniture in your bedroom and is also an investment in your health. A Solid wood bed is a great choice if you want a bed that stands out and enhances the modern design of your bedroom.

    Sheesham Wood has many benefits

    These are the key benefits of Sheesham wood furniture:

    • For windows and doors, sheesham wood can be used.

    • Sheesham wood is used in many areas, including aircraft and marine plywood. It can also be used as charcoal to heat and cook food.

    • Every piece of Sheesham furniture is unique and can be hand waxed to give it a smooth exterior.

    • Sheesham wood has a high durability and resists dry-wood termites.

    • Sheesham wood is a hardy, rot-resistant wood that can be used to make cabinets and other furniture.

    • It is widely used for engraving and woodcarving.

    • It shines brilliantly when polished and has a smooth finish.

    Sheesham wood: The salient features

    These are the most significant features of Sheesham Wood.


    • The colour contrasts of Sheesham wood range from deep reddish brown to golden reddish brown.

    • Natural wood patterns are visible in the wood, such as dark stripes.

    • Sheesham wood is made with interlocked grains that make it extremely durable and strong.


    • Sheesham wood can be used with any glue, machine, or finishing. It is therefore a popular choice for furniture-making, particularly Sheesham wood bed.

    • Because of its flexibility, Sheesham is a popular choice for wood carvings. Sheesham is often the preferred choice for designing wooden furniture.


    • Sheesham wood made from Indian rosewood trees resists termites exceptionally well.

    • Sheesham's hard texture means it is ideal for wooden cabinets.

    • Sheesham is very resistant to natural deterioration. It is susceptible to wood-boring insects and must be checked regularly.

    Because of its many benefits, Sheesham furniture is preferred over all other types.

    Sheesham Wood Furniture: Good Care

    Sheesham wood furniture is well-known for its strength and resistance to mites. However, you need to take some precautions in order to ensure that they last longer. Here are some tips:

    • To maintain the beauty and appeal of your Sheesham furniture, polish it often.

    • To prevent dirt and dust from settling on your Sheesham Wood bed or other furniture, you should regularly dust it.

    • Use a shielding cloth before placing ornaments or sharp objects on Sheesham furniture to prevent scratches and scrapes.

    • To prevent hot substances from sticking to furniture's wooden surfaces, use heatproof mats or coasters.

    • Sheesham furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight or near fireplaces.

    • Sheesham should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

    You will stop thinking about other types furniture once you see the benefits of Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood can be used to create any custom-made design because it is flexible and strong. Sheesham is the best wood choice if you want unique furniture for your home. Duroflex sells a variety of Sheesham furniture online. They are made from durable hardware and raw materials. The furniture is straight-cut and smooth, adding to your room's decor. Sheesham furniture seamlessly blends with any room decor. This unique feature is why Sheesham furniture is often recommended by interior designers.