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    Sheesham from Oxygen to Commercial ( from Sand to houses)

    Sheesham from Oxygen to Commercial ( from Sand to houses)

    Sheesham is known by many names viz- scientific names are Dalbergia Sisoo, and others names are Palisandre, Tali, Rosewood. It is mainly found in the Northern part of India. The major states where it grows the most are Panjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Nepal. Even though Sheesham doesn’t give any edible fruits to eat but it gives shade for people living in farms, villages, homeless or beggars, cattle, etc.

    Benefits of sheesham tree for farmers and Factory people. It is also useful for its medicinal values.

    Sheesham can be planted in the month of February. Its seeds are used for the plantation and generally, it takes 15 to 20 years to become a full-grown tree.

    Uses of Sheesham

    Trees provide us the most important thing- Oxygen and apart from this, Sheesham also provides us shades in summer for animals, poor people to rest under, safe place for birds to build their nests.

    Sheesham twigs can be used for firework in households, its wood can be used for building cattle sheds, cooking food, and various tools used in agriculture.

    And last but not the least beautiful furniture for Homes, hotels, and others.

    Farmer's close relation with Sheesham Tree


    In India, 60% of the population is still agriculture-dependent. And farmers are still struggling to get a better price for their products and want to make a better lifestyle.

    So, the farmer grows the Sheesham plant on the birth of their kids and when their kids need financial help for education or at the time of marriage. The farmer can sell this commercially to factories.

    So, this tree plays a very important role in the life of farmers of our country.

    In the entire life of Sheesham, this tree serves a lot. We get oxygen for 20 years and farmer get money and consumers gets strong and long-lasting furniture for their houses, hotels, etc.

    Sheesham-made furniture has natural grains and lasts for many years. Isn’t it adorable?

    Let’s see the Quality of its Wood

    • Sheesham wood is one of the best woods to make strong structures for small houses, furniture. It is due to its elasticity which most of the other wood doesn’t have.

    “Elasticity in the wood of Sheesham helps it to tolerate loads and make it useful for commercial works.”

    Why sheesham is unique and has multiple uses, lets read.

    • Its wood has natural grains which makes it look beautiful.

    • It is strong and so it is mostly used in making doors, windows, Veneer, or wooden Homes too.

    Everything has its pros & cons, Sheesham wood has them too.

    It expands and contracts to depend upon the weather of its surrounding. It expands in summer and shrinks in wintertime. And it’s hard and strengthful to give a safe structure to houses.

    Diseases in Sheesham Tree and their solutions

    Furniture from Sheesham

    Termites and fungal are the main diseases that harm this most valuable plant. Here are some steps you can avoid or prevent Sheesham from such diseases.

    1. Regular Watering

    2. Putting lime on the stem or roots, wherever necessary( twice a year)

    3. Use of Chlorpyrifos 20% ( powdered form) for fungal. This can be used for roots, 2gm  per liter can also be sprayed on plants. The maximum dose is 5ml for small plants and 10 to 15 ml for plants of more than 5 years.

    (Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide used on crops, animals, and buildings, and in other settings, to kill a number of pests, including insects and worms. It acts on the nervous systems of insects by inhibiting the acetylcholinesterase enzyme.)


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    Thank you team Home Dekor, I have a lot of furniture that is made from Sheesham wood and I am happy to read this article and gain tips on how to clean my furniture effectively. This blog is very informative and well written and also shares the origin and benefits of Sheesham wood.
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