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    Penta Bathroom Collection

    ₹ 44,500.00 ₹ 53,400.00
    Penta Bathroom Collection: Vanity organization plays a crucial role in defining the look and feel of the space. Nobody likes a cluttered washroom! With the set of 5-bathroom furniture, one can keep all your daily essentials properly, dust-free

    Toilet Paper Rack

    ₹ 3,600.00
    Toilet Paper Rack is handmade furniture with small size and beautiful design. It has a strong solid wood structure and lightweight so it can be handled easily. Manufacturing- made in Mdf & mango wood with 1 shelf inside & 1 door. It is made from legally organized forest wood by 'The Home Dekor'

    Turner Bathroom Cabinet

    ₹ 24,000.00
    Turner bathroom cabinet with stylish design and colour is made from solid Sheesham wood. The tall elegant cabinet is crafted to give your bathroom a 5-star property look. The 4 doors, 1 drawer, and 2 open shelves offer plenty of space to organise and store all your bathroom products, cosmetics and other essentials.

    Veena Bathroom Shelf

    ₹ 3,500.00
    Veena Bathroom Shelf - Open storage in the bathroom is a growing trend that looks great in both small and large spaces. Rather than hiding your towels and other toiletries, display them in style

    Bathroom Wall Rack

    ₹ 4,500.00
    Bathroom Wall Rack is handmade furniture with a wooden door. It has a wooden frame with 1 wooden door and storage, this satisfies basic bathroom needs. Crafted by 'The Home Dekor'. It is manufactured for keeping small items.

    Brin Bathroom Cabinet

    ₹ 7,600.00
    The bedside table is thoughtfully designed keeping the needs and wants of the end-user. It is manufactured in solid wood with a natural stain finish. The side table has one drawer and 1 openable shutter with a shelf inside

    Bt Washbasin Cabinet

    ₹ 9,200.00
    The washbasin under the storage cabinet offers a stylish yet durable solution for your bathroom. You can store your daily essentials at an easy hand without any discomfort.

    Wall Rack Bathroom Cabinet

    ₹ 4,500.00
    Wall Rack Bathroom Cabinet - Wall cabinets in bathrooms are efficient and effective storage solutions with space efficiency. It doesn't take up the floor space and still allows the user to keep things well organized.

    A busy day and a lot of hustle makes you crave for relaxing time and a good shower to release all the stress. Bathrooms are often ignored when it comes to home decor. Bathrooms deserve a lot more attention as they are used by us as well as our visitors, so we can say impressions play a role here. Here we will be discussing top bathroom furniture to look out for in a well-furnished bathroom.

    Wherever you look in today's modern society, you will see thousands of types of furniture, but what makes them different is the design. Furniture made of splendid colors, designs or materials never go out of market and so does The Home Dekor's wonderful furniture collection. The Home Dekor promises to create something that relaxes you on sight.

    Must Have Furniture in Bathroom

    Every corner of the bathroom should be prepared in such a way that it can give a better ambience to the entire space. We can make our bathroom more stunning by decorating each and every corner in detail. Furniture maintains the look of the entire bathroom, so choose it in the right way. Every element goes into crafting the right bathroom.


    Whether floor standing or wall mounted, bathroom vanities always stand among essentials. No more cluttered bathrooms! Penta Bathroom Collection of The Home Dekor is among bestseller vanity organizations which is a blend of 5-bathroom furniture. This is among classic & vintage bathroom furniture design loaded with simplicity.

    Keeping the bathroom well organized transforms the space into a more spacious area. Allowing more space to place other items you need.

    Wall Rack Cabinet

    When it comes to racks, they are designed considering different needs. These are built and customized in height and enable the storage in one place. This makes a space more efficient and stylish, giving easier access to the essentials. Wall Rack Bathroom Cabinet of The Home Dekor ensures effective management and comes with a lock system and easy access.

    Bathroom Shelf

    Shelfs are the tiny storage spaces which are in trend because they look great being open style. Well suited one for the bathroom is the Veena Bathroom Shelf which is designed with a soothing color touch and is of premium quality. Installing it can be beneficial to count on your many beauty products and they are super easy to clean. If you are remodeling your traditional layout, try the inspiring bathroom shelf of The Home Dekor.

    Tissue Rack

    There is no surprise that tissues contribute to improved hygiene, and comfort. Preserving their quality will elevate any bathroom experience and ensure you made a good impression. The Home Dekor brings unique and standard furniture in its collection, a Toilet paper rack. It is a handmade creation with delicate beautiful design. This lightweight tissue rack with its quality and design has become super luxury and must have bathroom essentials.

    Bathroom Wall Rack

    The Home Dekor is expert in crafting gorgeous wooden bathroom furniture including wall racks for bathrooms. These are handbuilt and made just for your space and tiny arrangements. These bathroom racks are designed as a wooden frame with single door that satisfies basic storage needs and these are no less beautiful than cabinetry.

    Single Bathroom Cabinet

    When you want to add a function to your bathroom and improve the look too with a minimal remodelling, then single bathroom cabinets of the Home Dekor can be your search end. These tall & elegant cabinets are richly designed with Sheesham wood. One of the biggest reason that homeowners add these cabinets to bathrooms is to maximise the limited space with efficient storage for things. Comprising different sections makes they best bathroom furniture which is a perfect fit giving quick access to the things you need every day. Most importantly no more cramped bathroom!

    Brin Bathroom Cabinet

    Thoughtfully designed brin bathroom cabinets of The Home Dekor are manufactured with premium raw material which makes them stronger and durable. When homeowners plan buying solid wood furniture, abundant options pop up in mind but what makes a cabinet of The Home Dekor distinctive is it's natural stain finish. These cabinets enable you to make personal touches to your bathroom.

    Turner Bathroom Cabinet

    A distinctive form of single cabinet, these turner cabinets offer plenty of space to organize all your bathroom products. This cabinet will open up valuable countertop space and will help the bathroom stay cleaner overall with everything organized. Vital part is that they fit any type of bathroom regardless of space, color or size. Bathrooms can easily be infused in style with stunning turner cabinets. Bathroom storage cabinets of The Home Dekor are beautifully carved with designs and quality.

    Bathroom Washbasin Cabin

    Washbasin cabins are the latest renovation component to your bathroom. The Home Dekor have distinctive washbasin cabins with appealing designs and style that can help improve the function of your bathroom. No space goes to waste with these cabins and is best to use for storing towels, toiletries and other articles under the sink.

    Along with storage, it adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

    Buy Bathroom Furniture Online at The Home Dekor

    Furniture has become an important part of remodeling whether its home or its units including bathroom. Bathroom is a place which must give us a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Well-furnished bathroom is always preferred when it comes to decor. In the era of abundant search options on the internet, a wide range of bathroom furniture online are available but quality, design and pattern makes all the difference. The Home Dekor is dedicated to offer the customers a wide range of stylish, classy and modern bathroom furniture sets that suits well to your space and enhances its ambience. Whether its small bathroom furniture design or spacious one, their collection is a perfect blend of quality and touch of perfection. The Home Dekor website can be easily explored on the internet, showcasing all the essential bathroom furnitures, their specialty and cost. Must explore the vintage collection of The Home Dekor while searching "buy bathroom furniture online".


    The Home Dekor offers a distinct selection to buy bathroom furniture all backed by authenticity. Our spectacular furniture is designed with care, and we ensure you receive the premium one. Our furniture reflects their priority and so we can say why The Home Dekor is right for your search "bathroom furniture india". Furniture can change the atmosphere of the bathroom, and increase the value of the house. Wide collection of bathroom furniture featuring luxuriously elegant designs are available in stores of The Home Dekor. From solid wood bathroom furniture to shiny ones, we cherish the raw material, color and style to give it value.

    Make your bathroom ambience lively with The Home Dekor furniture’s.


    Q: Which is the best material we should buy for Bathroom furniture?

    A: Solid wood material is equipped with hardness, strong and durable quality, so it can be preferred. The Home Dekor furnitures are manufactured with the same wood assuring quality to customers.

    Q: Which type of furniture comes in bathroom renovation?

    A: There are abundant options including washbasin cabinets, wall cabinets, and tissue rack, single to broader shelfs, mirror cabinets and more.

    Q: Which is the most important piece of furniture to be installed in the bathroom?

    A: Cabinets are considered as must have furniture for the bathroom. They are the wooden structures designed as per the storage requirements and necessities.

    Q: Is furniture necessary for furnishing the bathroom?

    A: Yes, no doubtedly furniture takes a huge stand when you want a well-furnished bathroom because mere wall color, tiles and mirror can't create functionality of the bathroom. So classic furniture enhances and organizes the stuff along with overall appearance.

    Q: Where can I buy bathroom furniture online?

    A: Bathroom furniture are easily available on the internet the moment you start searching. But quality, design and durability always mark a choice. You can get the best bathroom furniture at The Home Dekor furniture store online at best price and morden and vintage styles.

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