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    Juniper Chair

    ₹ 13,000.00
    Juniper chair has a unique design that complements its entire surroundings with a certain ease

    Dalfred Green sofa

    ₹ 33,000.00
    Dalfred Green sofa is one of the favorite customer choices and the perfect piece to bind the space together. It is the ideal solution for houses with limited space

    Hammarn chair

    ₹ 8,900.00
    Metal chair

    Krishna Kidz Sofa Cream

    ₹ 6,600.00
    Krishna Kidz Sofa Cream - A lively, energetic and vibrant colour theme based Krishan Kidz sofa

    Abbey Stool Blue

    ₹ 3,500.00
    Abbey Stool with printed cotton fabric

    Carvin Bench

    ₹ 5,900.00
    Carvin Bench with velvet fabric

    Aira Bench Walnut

    ₹ 6,900.00 ₹ 9,800.00
    Aira bench walnut is an armed 2-seater indoor Bench. This casual bench features arms on each side and boasts soft fabric.

    The latest Sofas Online are the cunning and resourceful combination of sofa and bed, it provides comfortable space for sleeping. In simple words, it is a couch with a convertible bed. It is multifunctional furniture which can be used in small and big apartments.

    In this modern time, Sofa Set are a practical addition to any living room, it provides comfortable space to our impromptu guests. Additionally, sofa beds are more comfortable than normal flatbeds and occupy less space in your room. As everything is developing and modernizing day by day, the same way, nowadays Sofa Set Online are more comfortable and astounding, which gives your room a wow appeal.

    Consider these Points Before Buy Sofa Set Online:

    1.      Most important is the “budget”.
    2.      Size of your living room.
    3.      What size of sofa bed will be suitable for your living room?
    4.      What type of designs will blend with your décor?
    5.      What type of shapes will be ideal for your living room?

    Prefer Stylish Sofa Beds, Rather than Standard Sofa!

    At present, furniture producers and manufacturers in The Home Dekor have poured every specificity to ensure supreme comfort. Modern Sofa Online bed designs do not necessitate discomfort for the sake of having a pull-out bed. Nowadays, your main living room sofa can easily have an integrated bed without it being obvious to the sitter.

    Following are the Supreme Reasons to Buy Sofa Beds:

    • It comes with space-saving features.
    • It can be effortlessly modified into sleep surfaces and provides a convenient sleeping space.
    • You don’t need to store another guest bed.
    • It performs brilliantly night and day.
    • Comfortable space for noon naps, office work and small parties.

    Designs that Give Aesthetic Appeal to Every Home.

    The sofa is the focal point of your living space, so make it a good looker. Our exclusive Sofa Sets Online and Wing chairs look simple and elegant. Gives a feeling of updating the look of your living room, complemented by a choice variety of colours and upholstery. Assorted patchwork sofas, assorted patchwork footstools, Wooden Sofa Sets, Sofa beds etc. The living room is the place where you spend time with your family and friends, so the sitting area should be attractive and stylish.

    The sizes of houses are decreasing day by day in India, for small apartments; we have single-seater Sofa Set Online in India for Living Room Furniture, 2-3 seaters sofa sets, wall sofa sets, upholstery armchairs, lounge chairs and many more designs. Those with large space can opt; for our spacious and patched work Liana L- Shape Sofa, 6 and 8-seater sofas etc. Our sectional sofa Sets are the showstopper of any house, whether they are large or small homes. In India, most of the apartments have limited space for them, we have low-height sofas with patchwork or lounge chairs etc.

    The Home Dekor’s commercial lounge furniture is full of comfort and peculiarity. It only screams out the richness of your living room but compliments other furniture in your room. Our lounge Sofa Set Wooden is available in multiple finishes, materials, designs, colours, shoes and styles. Upholstery sofas beds are elegant, and modular and perfectly blend with any room. Buy Sofa Set Online for the lounge, as it gives pulchritude to your living rooms.

    Sofa Beds for Opulent Lifestyle

    On our online store: various sizes, shapes and designs of wooden sofa beds are available. You can also customize the sofa, according to your house space and requirement. Lounge Sofa Set Online Shopping are best if you have a small or big home.

    Our modern designs Online Sofa Set easily blend with any type of home interior and furniture. All come in multifunctionality features to make your room clutter-free. It can be folded effortlessly, without extra effort and you can easily move them anywhere in your house. Extra storage space loved by every Indian? Our designers have designed hidden storage in all Online Sofa Sets and wood furniture so that you can store all your important stuff organized.

    If you want to know about the material used for making Furniture Sofa Set beds, then you are at the right place. Here you will find all the required information about the production of different types of study room furniture. You can also learn about the materials used for the modern white table, which is quite effective.

    It is Festival Time, Interiorized your Home Before your Guest Arrives!

    Wooden Sofa Set Price: We know that sofa beds are a big investment! Our craftsmen used high-quality solid wood which was incorporated with a water-safe paste defined from polyvinyl acetic acid derivation. Our high-quality wood for manufacturing makes it sturdy, durable and life lasting. Equipment, including screws, differs as per the value purpose of the piece yet is regular steel. Cabinet bottoms or sides might be of compressed wood, built wood squeezed wood chips shaped into sheet merchandise, or even Masonite.

    Simple Wooden Sofa Set Designs with brown and tan combinations blend with any living room items. All our peculiar and comfy wood sofa furniture gives an earthy, cosy, welcoming appeal.  They pop up every inch of space where you insert them and their functionality makes it more optimum. These can be divided into various pieces and brighten up any decor. Home furniture wooden sofa sets of different styles and designs give a peaceful and warm appeal.

    Online stores give you more furniture options than nearby stores such as curved, semi-circular and rectangular, so buy a lounge online for a bedroom at an affordable Sofa Set Price from us. Our single-seater sofas are best for offices and schools, Apropos Sofa 3 Seater can be opted for by any small house owner and also used in hospitals, libraries, restaurants and cafes.

    We do custom orders for covered sofa sets as per customer design and size:- You can WhatsApp your request @ 8640040029

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