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    Dome 8 Seater Dining Table

    ₹ 28,500.00
    Dome 8 seater dining table is made in solid wood in antique finish.

    Devi 5 Seater Dining Table

    ₹ 17,000.00
    Devi 5 seater dining table made in solid mango wood, Is one of the best dining tables to use in the dining room. It is manufactured from the legal wood. It has simply designed for use as a dining room furniture at the home.

    Devi 6 Seater Dining Table

    ₹ 18,600.00
    Devi 6 seater dining table made in solid mango wood, Is one of the best dining tables to use in the dining room. It is manufactured from the legal wood. It has simply designed for use as a dining room furniture at the home.

    Dowel Dining Set

    ₹ 47,000.00
    Dowel Dining set in solid Sheesham wood with 6 chairs and dining table

    Herringbone Dining Table Set

    ₹ 45,000.00
    Herringbone Dining Table set 4 seaters is manufactured in solid Sheesham wood with a natural and walnut finish which can accommodate 4 people. Herringbone Dining Tabletop with epoxy filling in grooves blends perfectly in any home décor as a dining table to sit and have a warm discussion or having food with your loved ones over dinner.

    Vintage Dining Table 6 Seater

    ₹ 18,000.00
    Vintage dining table 6 seater is manufactured in solid Sheesham wood with a honey finish which can accommodate six people.

    Vintage Long Dining Table

    ₹ 20,000.00
    Vintage long dining table is manufactured in solid Sheesham wood with a walnut finish that can accommodate seven people.

    Vintage Dining Table 4 Seater

    ₹ 13,000.00
    Vintage dining table 4 seater is manufactured in solid Sheesham wood with a honey finish which can accommodate 4 people.

    Yellora Dining Table

    ₹ 19,000.00
    Yellora Dining Table - 6 seater dining table with elegantly crafted design. The table design is handcrafted giving it a rustic royal look.

    Dining Table is the focal point of the space and gives the feeling of massiveness to the room. Whether you are creating a new home or renovating the old one, dining tables are the pride of every home. The dining room is the place of your house which connects or lets people together over a warm and home-cooked meal. At the Dining Table Online, you and your family talked about each other and discussed important topics. No matter how teeny tiny and full-fledged your dining corner is, Modern Dining Table makes them the centre of attraction.

    Furniture that charms your home!

    How to Choose Perfect Dining Table:

    Fix a Type: The one rule you should always keep in mind before buying any table is to fix the type so that you can have a rough idea about how much space the dining set is going to occupy. Decide the type, size of the Dining Table Set and the number of family members you have in your house.

    Pick the Correct Material: You need to balance in price, ease of care and personal style of your’s while picking the right Dining Table Set Online. Buy Dining Table Online from our store that is marvellously blended with your home. If you are not able to decide which is best for you, then consult with our interior designers.

    Always Choose Smart Furniture: The dining tables are the cosiest space of the entire house where everyone sits together to eat and have a deep conversation. Smart furniture provides you with enough space and storage for your dining items.

    Choose A Style: Compare between different modern, contemporary and other styles before purchasing any tables. Modern Dining Table Set reflects progression and pace to any room while contemporary dining is easy to adjust in any space.

    The Home Dekor Dining Table Design are thoughtfully designed to suit urban living with modern amenities and design aesthetics. One can opt for 2 seaters, 4 seaters, 6 or 8 seaters as per the space room and personal needs and wants

    Different Dining sets:

    4-Seater Dining Set: These Dining Sets Online are best for small families and for those who have medium size houses. It will easily fit into any house without occupying too much space. Measure your room now.

    6-Seater Dining Set: Big families or large householders should go for our 6 and 8 seaters dining set. Measure your room space properly then Buy Dining Table from us.

    Tables that complete any space of your house

    Our dining table is available online exclusively for every Indian. Our range of dining tables includes an extendable dining table, Round Dining Table, dining table set, Small Dining Table, large dining table, live edge dining table in solid Sheesham wood Dining Room Furniture Online at the best price for.

    The Extendable Dining Table, which have wood tones, enlighten any dining room of any size. Our craftsmen beautifully define each and every nuance of tables, which redefine the furnishing of your home.

    Materials that satisfy your every requirement:

    Wooden Dining Table: these tables are more sturdy, durable, sustainable, long-lasting, versatile and don’t age out easily.

    Marble Dining Table: Marble top dining sets are not just aesthetic but also compliments and beautifies every home decor of yours. These tables are extremely durable and vogue. You can have various colours marble tables which will design any traditional, contemporary and modern house appeal.

    Glass Dining Table: The transparent glass dining tables make any room look bigger than usual with its illusion. Glass dining tables are so versatile that they can fit into any space. These tables clean easily with low maintenance.

    Rustic Table: These tables provide natural appeal into any Living Room. This look is perfect for cottages, cabins, schools and offices. You can go for a rustic design round and rectangular framed table. Place long benches for extra sitting.

    In our store, you can get Dining Table Under 10000 and chair sets online, so that every Indian can afford them. We have different shapes, sizes, designs and finishing stunning dining tables. Different shapes of tables are rectangular, square, oval and round dining tables. Large Round Dining Table Set give astounding appeal to any room, which has glass, wood and mix-match tops. ·

    How can you use Dining Tables for other works?

    Space for a Magazine Rack – a lot of people read newspapers, magazines and novels while having breakfast. The hidden cabinets or racks and drawers inside the tables help you to keep all your reading material near to your hand and clutter-free.

    Table with Footrest - The comfortable furniture helps you to relax comfortably. The table with a footrest makes any table more convenient while eating. It helps you in maintaining perfect posture while sitting.

    Improve Storage Space – Are you looking for an advantageous spot to place your coupons, vouchers and other dining stuff? Then, your search is finished because we have Sheesham wood tables embedded with drawers, racks, and hidden storage to make it multi-functional. It makes your living room clutter-free and aesthetic.

    Use it as Home Decor – The table need not be restricted to the living room. Consider showing indoor plants or a fired bowl on your dinner table and making it the focal point of the room.

    Amazing Table for Amazing People.

    Our industry veterans seek inspiration from global trends and articulate unique designs that are just the right fit with the architecture of your contemporary homes. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance the appeal of your home and augment your lifestyle through the optimism of eating by ordering perfect Dining Table Designs.

    Our Sheesham Wood Dining Table are quite spacious in size, they can be used for multi-purposes such as- for work, to have conversations with family members, to entertain guests, play board games, to have your morning coffee, etc. To bring versatility in the dining room, order tables from us and level up in your home interior.

    Dining Table