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    Bathroom Wall Rack

    ₹ 4,500.00
    Bathroom Wall Rack is handmade furniture with a wooden door. It has a wooden frame with 1 wooden door and storage, this satisfies basic bathroom needs. Crafted by 'The Home Dekor'. It is manufactured for keeping small items.

    Brin Bathroom Cabinet

    ₹ 7,600.00
    The bedside table is thoughtfully designed keeping the needs and wants of the end-user. It is manufactured in solid wood with a natural stain finish. The side table has one drawer and 1 openable shutter with a shelf inside

    Bt Washbasin Cabinet

    ₹ 9,200.00
    The washbasin under the storage cabinet offers a stylish yet durable solution for your bathroom. You can store your daily essentials at an easy hand without any discomfort.

    Penta Bathroom Collection

    ₹ 44,500.00 ₹ 53,400.00
    Penta Bathroom Collection: Vanity organization plays a crucial role in defining the look and feel of the space. Nobody likes a cluttered washroom! With the set of 5-bathroom furniture, one can keep all your daily essentials properly, dust-free

    Toilet Paper Rack

    ₹ 3,600.00
    Toilet Paper Rack is handmade furniture with small size and beautiful design. It has a strong solid wood structure and lightweight so it can be handled easily. Manufacturing- made in Mdf & mango wood with 1 shelf inside & 1 door. It is made from legally organized forest wood by 'The Home Dekor'

    Veena Bathroom Shelf

    ₹ 3,500.00
    Veena Bathroom Shelf - Open storage in the bathroom is a growing trend that looks great in both small and large spaces. Rather than hiding your towels and other toiletries, display them in style

    Wall Rack Bathroom Cabinet

    ₹ 4,500.00
    Wall Rack Bathroom Cabinet - Wall cabinets in bathrooms are efficient and effective storage solutions with space efficiency. It doesn't take up the floor space and still allows the user to keep things well organized.