Update your Home Furniture this Winter


Warm Touches- Don’t worry! We’re not talking about a performing a complete house makeover each season.

Instead, you can update your house for winter by simply incorporating a few warm touches of home dekor to your existing furniture and dekor.

How do you ask?

Relax, this won’t be too complex. List out all the home furniture that is the best fit for all your requirements. And then decide which can be replaced with new furniture. Cool! Still, you need some time and budget for new items.

But don’t worry we have offers for that too, you can avail any House furniture at just factory price. How? Read more...

Warm Up your Bed this Winter-

How to take care of your Home Furniture in this Winter: Understand how Woodworks, actually its life depends on the environment you put in. So, now winter has come and you need to take care of your wooden furniture this way-

  • Taking care of wooden furniture in winter can be quite tricky, but there are some methods to keep them new all the time.

  • Dusting on the Daily basis- Dusting should be done using dry clothes if you use wet clothes for several days; chances are the furniture might lose its shine.
    Do you want to look at the rough surface of furniture? No, that is why.

  • Use branded cleaner: Buy branded floor cleaner and don’t forget to check the label if it can be used for Wooden furniture.
    Use it thrice a week for removing grime, dirt, and scratches on the surfaces.
    “Don’t use cleaner on poor quality home furniture, instead use only dry clothes.”

  • If you want to purchase less maintenance Furniture then you should buy Oak wood furniture.  

  • How to maintain the shine- Now in winter, if you want to keep the shine for 6-7 months. Take some Carnauba wax and polish your wooden furniture with it.

“Use Lint-free cloth for polishing your Home Furniture.”

It will definitely take some time but it will surely give you relief from the stress of taking care of Wooden furniture in Winter.

  • During Winter, you should avoid the furniture from the change of temperature. It requires never to place your furniture near a heat register or flames.

“The change from cold to hot can cause warping and splitting of the wood.”

  • Protect from Humidity level- If you want to take care of the furniture in winter, read this effective tip. Always maintain the humidity level between 40% to 45%. Lower humidity level can cause cracks on the wood, while a larger amount of humidity level can cause swelling of wood.

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