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    Wood is a natural material but with the use of chemicals, it becomes hazardous. The main reason for applying chemicals is to make it look shiner and glossy. 


    Now I can explain a bit. 

    We divide it into 2 parts, First production process i.e. production of furniture from wood, and the second is the polishing process we can also call it finishing part.


    1) So we start with the first step production part:- 

    The production processes need chemicals but it is okay, this can be adjusted by living things, it starts with wood treatment which is done with methyl bromide which saves the wood from borer and then glue is used to fix the joint and attach the planks to make them as per size so that all production of raw pieces is complete.


    2) Finishing process:- 

    This process starts with sanding, and sanding is done by sanding paper which is made of paper and glass, different grits of sanding paper is used which starts from 60 number to 80, 120, 220, and 300 number, and in some case, it goes to 600 or 1000 number of sanding paper. 

    After completion of sanding it is time to use Stain, which is a mix of pigments and thinner three primary ingredients for Thinner are turpentine ( Distilled from Pine Trees), acetone (Fingernail polish remover), toluene (Distilled from crude Oil).

    After staining its time for the sealer to fill the grains of wood, which is done by sealer, there are many types of sanding sealers available in the market i.e. NC sealer, melamine sealer, Pu sealer, water base sealer, etc. Some companies make them with the mixing of lead and some make them without lead. The quantity of use depends on finishing, the more the finishing required more sealer is needed to apply. The sealer can be applied by hand or by spray gun. As per our experience, it is recommended to apply with spray gun in the spray booth for better finishing and fewer health issues to workers.

     After the sealer is time to do the final quote which has the maximum effect on the environment and living beings, a final quote can be done by lacquer (Finish looks okay), Melamine ( Nice finishing is done), PU ( A layer is achieved its like lamination on wood). Top coat material has a high amount of toxic chemicals (But the dose used is recommended by our government to minimize the side effects). The below picture is with a melamine finish in honey color.


                             Finish furniture swatch


    So from above all, I hope that you have an idea about the finishing process, so as per our recommendation it's better to use only stain finish (96% Organic furniture production can be achieved), there are many advantages a few of them are:- it uses very fewer chemicals i.e 3 to 4 % as compared to fully finished product. you can easily re-finish it with wax ( Which has very low side effects). 

     So your next question is what is only stain, can it have different shades?  Process of Organic furniture production

       yes, it has a different shade, and this process is completed at the staining stage. just one has to do hand rubbing after staining. In this finish we can feel the natural wood, 100 percent wood grains are visible with very less chemicals used. Below I added the swatch of only stain for your reference, I hope this information helps you in selecting the organic furniture for your home if more details are required please email us at:- [email protected] or WhatsApp @ +91 8640040029

    Organic furniture finishing swatch


    Side effects of chemicals used in furniture production include eye burning, our lungs, sometimes the paint smell creates pain in the stomach, and When a chemical is wet it sticks to the skin and needs to be properly cleaned with thinner.


    Some other relevant questions:- 


    a) Is organic furniture and Sustainable furniture the same

          Sustainable furniture means the raw material used is procured in a legal way i.e. the furniture made from dead trees or farmer-cultivated trees or recycled wood if used is known as sustainable furniture, on the other hand, organic furniture is quite different which defines how much chemicals is used to make the furniture, less use of chemicals means the percentage of organic furniture is higher (100 percent organic furniture production is not possible but an aware user can minimize the risk up to 95 to 97 percent). 

    b) Where to buy organic furniture

      One can buy organic furniture anywhere if they have the knowledge, you can also take The Home Dekor's help in buying organic furniture. You just have to read this blog carefully and inform your producer to finish the furniture without chemicals.

    c) Does organic furniture cost more

       The best part is it costs less, this is the only product on earth if you buy organic it costs less because the cost of expensive chemicals used is subtracted from the final cost. 

    d) Wear and tear in Organic furniture

        Organic furniture is easy to repair and refinish, it's DIY and very easy and cost-effective to refinish organic furniture. So do not worry about wear and tear.

    e) Does Organic furniture made from solid wood need extra care

       No, in fact, it needs less care as compared to chemically treated or finished furniture

    f) Which wood is best for the production of Organic furniture?

      Acacia wood, Sheesham, Neem, mango, and teak are some woods that are best for the production of Organic furniture

    g) Is it ok if small babies kiss the furniture

      It's highly not recommended to allow small babies to kiss and furniture pcs either organic or non-organic furniture.

    h) Are wooden choppers Good for Health

     As per our recommendation, the wooden choppers should be made with non-treated wood and without joints i.e. one plank so that is 100% natural, in this case, it's very good but the choppers available in malls or online 99.999 % are treated with chemicals and information is not shared. It is better you make your own vegetable chopper, it's simple and easy you just need to visit any nearby sawmill and buy a pcs of wood as per your requirement and use it. It's for our health so forget the finishing and look of a vegetable chopper just use the raw wood plank and live a healthy life.


    We at The Home Dekor always try to educate our customers about better living, if you have any suggestions and points to be added to this blog then please let me know, you can comment, WhatsApp +91 8640040029, or Email at:- [email protected]