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Online Furniture v/s offline furniture
I am confused, where to buy furniture for my new house? [Online Furniture v/s Offline furniture] Indian furniture market is mainly unorganized but now the time has changed. Now, people can buy a home or restaurant furniture online / offline both. Actually, I am always confused about which option is better, and why? Do you have the same question in mind?
Which type of Furniture must be in House
Furniture plays a very vital role in the house, its like blood in our body. Furniture is a small word but its branches are very deep, below I try to explain a bit. First of all its divided into room categories and then subdivided. Attached screenshot shows main categories on the left side,
Top 10 tips about caring for Sheesham Wood Furniture
Do you have wooden home furniture at home? And want to increase the life of your wooden furniture, without investing even a single rupee? Read more… To keep the shine on the wooden furniture, clean with warm water and mild soap. Cleaning furniture with water won’t do any harm to the shine, make sure the surface doesn’t soak it. You can use an old toothbrush for hard to remove areas. Dust the surface with soft cloth or paper towel until they come fairly clean.