Solid Wood Furniture Reveals Your Home's Personality
“ Ambiance of your home reveals your Personality” As we say their dressing sense revels their personality when we go outside and meet people likewise when people come to your house, it reveals your personality. Your choice of furniture speaks the kind of person you are. The way you have maintained and decorated your house will talk about your personality like the body language of a person when they are speaking to someone.
How to spice up your home decor with the best wing chairs
A little tweak or addition in furniture can bring in worthy and impressive changes in the stylising of your home. One simple way of spicing up a living space is by decorating with the right furniture. The wonderful winged chairs are a unique addition to all homes. They are very versatile in appearance. Adding warmth and charm to your decor, they will set your home apart from all the rest. Wing chairs are an old classic that never goes out of style.
Buy Furniture Online At THE HOME DEKOR
THE HOME DEKOR Offers long-lasting Furniture Online To Add Beauty & Design to Your Creativity: Online furniture sites offer you a wide variety of options to choose from. You can search for many designs, categories, functionalities and colors, all at your convenience. Why follow set timings when you can browse whenever you want, wherever you are? Offline Stores cannot display more than a fixed number of furniture designs – a constraint never faced digitally. While browsing furniture online, Rajasthani design shows a clear preference for clean, contemporary looks. You can find many such ranges on our website- THE HOME DEKOR.
Online Furniture v/s offline furniture
I am confused, where to buy furniture for my new house? [Online Furniture v/s Offline furniture] Indian furniture market is mainly unorganized but now the time has changed. Now, people can buy a home or restaurant furniture online / offline both. Actually, I am always confused about which option is better, and why? Do you have the same question in mind?
Which type of Furniture must be in House
Furniture plays a very vital role in the house, its like blood in our body. Furniture is a small word but its branches are very deep, below I try to explain a bit. First of all its divided into room categories and then subdivided. Attached screenshot shows main categories on the left side,
Types of Beds
What is Bed? Have you ever asked this question to anyone? I hope no, so just ask today. It is not just a piece of furniture. And it plays a very important role in our lives. So, the question here is How? Do you know we spend 30 to 33% of our lives sleeping on the bed? Did you know that before? Maybe not, but even then the bed and it's quality matters a lot for your sleep. And if you sleep well, your body stays healthier and you can work better. If you don’t, then read this article and get the best bed. You will never sleep on the same old, unattractive bed again. A bed is the most important furniture item in our houses, we plan about kids, family and relax on the bed we have. Necessary things to keep in mind before purchasing a bed.
Precautions and Care of Wooden Furniture at Home
Are you confused about the care of wooden furniture? It usually depends on the finish of the piece. Even if you don’t need to fix solid wood furniture, time will take its toll. Like other household items, furniture can look worn after years of everyday use. Also, because wood is a natural element, it’s more vulnerable to other natural elements than pieces made from chemicals. Over the years, your classic furniture can start to look like old hand-me-downs. Regular maintenance can slow the deterioration of hardwood furniture – or even prevent it altogether. Here are some of the best ways to preserve the beauty of your pieces: Dusting
How Furniture is made from Wood
Step 1: The Plan Whether you're planning furniture or a bank robbery the most important part is having a plan. You need to know not only the dimensions but what kind of fixture you're gonna put on it, what kind of joinery, what kind of finish you want to use because they can and will impact the design of your finished work. Draw what you want it to look like, you can do it by hand or use computer programs like Sketchup or Solidworks to flesh out the look of your furniture. Don't use Autocad, even engineers have difficulty making it work! Next, figure out the cut list you'll need. That way you can know how much lumber and sheet goods you need and figure out the cost in materials for your project. Add 30% to your lumber needs to pad for issues with the wood or errors on your part. If you can afford your project, make a detailed plan of every part needed for your project, I mean detailed view of every cut and joints so when the time comes to machine the parts you'll know exactly what you're doing 'cause you're the man with the plan!
Importance of Mattress
Importance of Mattress Do you know we spend almost 35% part of our life on Mattress? And if the mattress is comfortable and as per our requirement, it can play a vital role in our success or keeping us healthy. This is why Mattress is a very important item in our life, isn’t it? So, don’t you think if we have a good mattress, we can have good & tight sleep, good sleep means we can perform better in our life, whether it is professional life or personal life. Are you thinking, we are in the Furniture business, and telling you the importance of Mattress? Sit back and relax, we will come to that too. Wooden furniture & mattress are inseparable parts and we need both to make a better living home.
Why Nest is Important for our Future?
• Overview • Why birds are important for us or our coming generation? • Why Birds are in Danger? • Name of Some Extinct or Endangered Species • How can we help them not to extinct? • How you can support?